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Welcome to adblue

A reliable fintech partner for more than 20 years! We don’t believe in problems
we believe in solutions!

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Most speculators find it difficult to have lasting success when trading in financial markets. The reasons are complex and multi-faceted, but most professional traders agree that the primary problem is not the technical requirements or the financial markets themselves but the human psyche.

Fear of loss, greed, insecurity and indecisiveness are some of the entirely understandable feelings that often stand in the way of profits. In addition, there are practical problems such a lack of time, missing information and insufficient or even non-existing analytical tools.

Admittedly, the task is not simple. Numerous market factors constantly influence price movements. Publication of market data, political statements, or unexpected news can switch the direction of price within seconds and completely wipe out a day’s trends. TradeMaster® tries to support your trading efforts through its unique features, graphs and user-friendliest application in the market.

Who we are and what we offer

You are an regulated IB, a Signal Provider or an Asset Manager? We have the solution!
Everything you need from a single source!
IB Signal P r o vider Asset Management · Own trading platform · Integrate your own signals system · Direct broker contract · MT4 / MT5 · API · EU regulation

Get your own personalized trading software

Integrate your own trading signals and let them trade fully automatically

As a link between you and a EU-regulated broker, we offer you fast, individually tailored solutions for your customer management.

As software developers and trading experts, we have many years of experience in developing your automated trading strategies and algorithms that let your customers participate in the success.

Do you need help with creating your own investment platform? Would you like to realize your ideas within a new and secure software? We will help you – we implement your wishes and ideas. We work with start-ups and SMEs to build customised online investment platforms for crowdfunding, asset management, real estate, art, education, peer-to-peer lending and other sectors. Our FinTech development services start with requirement gathering and design. Then, our team develops secure and reliable platforms that have appealing looks, rich functionality, and transaction safety. We make your wishes come true!

Why you should work with adblue?


As a pure B2B2X platform,
adblue is always a strictly neutral partner.

speed & flexibility

Our platform approach coupled with our startup mindset will reduce your time to market.

modern tech stack

Our platform has the most
advanced RESTful APIs
in the market.

your business

Whatever your business case, our APIs allow you tailor your financial solution to your needs.

fintech consulting

We do not just offer you our technical skills. Over the years we have completed countless FinTech projects, that is why we offer you our technical skills, we can give you a competent advice on how to start developing your individual FinTech applications and on what you need to pay attention to.
Ultimately, it is not just about technology.

Finance & Technology = FinTech
a revolution in financial services

The combination of finance and technology is nothing new. With adblue you have a strong FinTech partner at your side. Benefit from our over 20 years of experience in the field of financial technologies.
adblue - we were already FinTech when the term didn't even exist!