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Always up to date and with quick and secure access to the market, TradeMaster® puts traders in a position to react promptly to every situation. However, emotions can come into play in such a situation. The extreme volatility on financial markets can create a number of problems and it is debatable as to whether panic or euphoria tend to be the best advisors when trading.

Such situations are where our software earns its masters. TradeMaster® can do more than merely analyze prices according to various parameters. The experts at adblue have also equipped the platform with a dashboard of external traders`strategies. agreeing to share their market approach.

These external strategies each use own analytical methods, which allow for trading to be adjusted to one's individual temperament or individual habits, or combined with your own strategies, where wagers can be made on short-term or long-term trends or various risk parameters can be defined, obviously always based on your own risk appetite.

The trader can select from the broad portfolio of external strategies and let the software automatically carry out trades. After deciding on a specific set of strategies, emotions are then switched off at the press of a button. The work is then done by complex indicator models and refined, trading strategies which use neuronal models.

TradeMaster® is providing access to an area that was previously reserved for financial institutions and fund managers with its state-of-the-art technology as well as a combination of continuously updated market analyses and strategies based on extensive experience.

Some estimates say that seventy percent of market transactions are carried by such institutional market participants using completely automated computer-supported systems. A privilege that private traders no longer have to do without.

Of course, you can find out about the status of your activities at any time and switch off the automatic mode when you like. You can view the charts for every selected trading period and see a presentation of the results produced by your strategy.