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Most speculators find it difficult to have lasting success when trading in financial markets. The reasons are complex and multi-faceted, but most professional traders agree that the primary problem is not the technical requirements or the financial markets themselves but the human psyche.

Fear of loss, greed, insecurity, and indecisiveness are predictable feelings that often stand in the way of profits and long term market success. Also, there are practical problems such a lack of time, missing information and insufficient or even non-existing analytical tools.

Numerous market factors such as market data, political statements, or unexpected non-company related news can change the direction of the price of the underlying asset within seconds and completely wipe out a day's profits. adblue's exclusive TradeMaster® platform is designed to support your trading efforts through its unique features, graphs, and user-friendly applications in the market.

Before the TradeMaster®, foreign exchange trading has mostly taken place among professional market participants. Due to the difficulty of obtaining real-time information and taking part in the market movements, private traders were mostly excluded from this segment.

TradeMaster®, with its proprietary platform, is built to take the trading to a new dimension. The software provides the trader with the most up to date trading prices and allows the transactions directly on the market at any time.

With TradeMaster®, traders get a clear overview of the current price movements and are notified of the possibility of further price actions. TradeMaster® software is developed with its state of the art analytical instrument that allows the trader to make smarter decisions; -designed exclusively for regulated entities, it also includes carrying out and combining your own or external trading strategies automatically.
TradeMaster®, with its numerous advanced analytical methods, is the most intelligent, fast processing, and user-friendly trading platform available within the Fintech sector. While designing TradeMaster®, adblue engineers had a clear-cut goal of making the platform safe and easy even for clients who have no prior experience in using an online trading platform.

With its distinct and straightforward layout and real-time precise, swift calculations are the defining characteristics and what makes TradeMaster® stand-out from the competition.

In more 20 years of existence, the adblue team has implemented a wide range of proved and tested analytical tools with a direct trading screen on the TradeMaster® platform.

Ever since its inceptions, clients looking for a reliable platform to trade have found TradeMaster® as a tool that is consistent, user friendly, and reliable to execute even the most complex trading orders.
In any trading platform, the decisions are measured in milliseconds. How quickly a trader reacts to the movement of the underlying asset will determine the profits and losses.

TradeMaster® platform is also a platform where the system consists of various analytical tools and trading movement indication instruments. The technical indicators in a trading platform can vary from something very simple to highly complicated mathematical formulas, and even the most seasoned traders can have a difficult time grasping the vast information readily available on the trading platform.

The goal of adblue is to decode all the mathematical algorithms, thus making it easier for them to execute a trade without the hassle of trying to spend time understanding the complex algorithms.

When completing buying and selling, a trader makes the decision based on various factors. These factors can stem from experience and research, and then there are other novice traders where the decisions are made based on rumours on social media, listening to every analyst on tv, and some traders even make their trades based on various subjective ways like “astrology, mouds, stomach etc.”.

Not only for a beginner, but even a seasoned trader can be overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available. And it is no surprise that most traders can get lost when deciding to trade, and this is where a sophisticated platform like TradeMaster® can come into play to assist in decision making.

TradeMaster® combines all the information floating on the news and social media and gives a clear cut answer to a trader on when to execute the trade. The goal of TradeMaster® is to make trading easy and headache-free by translating and separating useful information from speculation and presenting them in a clear and easy to read levels, signals, and directions that can help each trading approach.
Always up to date and with quick and secure access to the market, TradeMaster® puts traders in a position to react promptly to every situation. However, emotions can come into play in such a situation. The extreme volatility on financial markets can create a number of problems and it is debatable as to whether panic or euphoria tend to be the best advisors when trading.

Such situations are where our software earns its masters. TradeMaster® can do more than merely analyze prices according to various parameters. The experts at adblue have also equipped the platform with a a dashboard of external traders strategies agreeing to share their market approach.

These external strategies each use own analytical methods, which allow for trading to be adjusted to one's individual temperament or individual habits, or combined with your own strategies, where wagers can be made on short-term or long-term trends or various risk parameters can be defined, obviously always based on your own risk appetite.

The trader can select from the broad portfolio of external strategies and let the software automatically carry out trades. After deciding on a specific set of strategies, emotions are then switched off on the press of a button. The work is then done by complex indicator models and refined, trading strategies which use neuronal models.

TradeMaster® is providing access to an area that was previously reserved for financial institutions and fund managers with its state-of-the-art technology as well as a combination of continuously updated market analyses and strategies based on extensive experience.

Some estimates say that seventy percent of market transactions are carried by such institutional market participants using completely automated computer-supported systems. A privilege that private traders no longer have to do without.

Of course, you can find out about the status of your activities at any time and switch off the automatic mode when you like. You can view the charts for every selected trading period and see a presentation of the results produced by your strategy.

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OS or Windows, the TradeMaster® services are compatible with the real-time trading data around the clock globally without any interruptions and additional software.


There are dedicated secure servers located in various geographical locations within the European Union to provide an uninterrupted trading platform to perform given tasks without delays.

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Are you constantly on the go and want to be notified whenever there has been a movement on your account? TradeMaster® ’s unique trading app for iOS and Android platforms is available to be your mobile trading partner at no extra cost.

Trade Responsibly: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75.72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.